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Our story

We are a Guaranteed Irish Company that have been in business promoting and actioning the reuse and re-ware of used clothing since 1992. We operate Clothes Pods and Containers around the Country in approved private and Local Authority Bring Centres and Civic Amenites Centres. Each and every Clothes Pod site is maintained efficiently as they are serviced on a regular and professional basis.

We are excited to partner with the green school’s programme in 2020 to promote active recycling and reuse programmes in participating schools nationwide. Clothes Pod are also fully permitted and insured to work in partnership with Local Authorities and Licensed Waste/Management Companies throughout the Country to ensure that all your unwanted clothing and textiles can be collected in a convenient and efficient manner and that the items collected are recycled and repurposed professionally and correctly.

Our mission

We believe it is significant to recycle wisely which is why our goal is to prevent the dumping of unfit clothing in landfill sites. We are fully compliant with the requirements laid down by Local Authorities, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Environment to achieve our common goals of diverting Textile Waste away from Landfills and to promote the culture of Re-Use. As well as collecting from our distributed Pods, we also aim to support communities by purchasing clothing from local clubs, charity shops and from school fundraising events.

As the Number One Collectors and Exporters of second-hand clothing in Ireland we really wanted to collaborate with a nationally recognised project, which is why we are excited to partner with the green school’s programme in 2020. As part of our mission we want to promote active recycling and reuse programmes in participating schools nationwide.


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    Clothes Pods provides an efficient collection service and has invested in research and development of technology to ensure that banks are well maintained and secured from theft of their product and its fleet schedules are operated in a timely manner so that service is optimised.

    Seamus Moran, Senior Executive Engineer, Waste Management Section

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    This to confirm that Clothes Pods currently has the contract to provide clothes recycling services from recycling centres and bottle banks sits across Dublin City. I can confirm that TRL provides efficient services and are quick to act whenever problems arise. I have always found them to be professional and efficient in the provision of the service. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me in detail below.

    Fionnghuala Ryan, Environmental Executive Scientific Officer

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    This to confirm that Clothes Pods currently holds the contract with Fingal County Council to maintain and collect the textile banks throughout the administrative area of Fingal. I’ve had no issue with TRL during the life of the contract and I always found them to be professional & efficient.

    Tony Egan, Waste Management Section

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    Thorntons Recycling has been working with TLR for almost twenty years now. The service levels on their site are outstanding and due to their 24/7 emergency phone numbers we have never had a service issue on any of these sites. I know our business can rely on their excellent service level and I am very happy to recommend them based on the quality and level of assistance they provide.

    Eamon Flanagan, Quality Manager

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    Barna Recycling has been working closely with Textile Recycling Limited for almost 10 years. Within this space we have not experienced any issues with collections and find their 24 hour contact number very convenient for organising extra collections. I would not hesitate in recommending TRL as an outstanding partner to work within the textile industry.

    Campbell Finnie, Facility Manager

Awards and partnerships

Our company was the winner of the South Dublin Chamber business in the community Awards 2008. It was also the recipient of a FAS Employ Ability Employer Award in 2010 and have also received support from the European Regional Development Fund.

To promote active recycling and reuse around Ireland, we have proudly partnered with The Green-Schools Programme. This initiative is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools which promotes long-term whole-school action for the environment.

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