Proudly in partnership with Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools.

What is Green-Schools?

Green-Schools is an environmental management education programme that promotes and acknowledges long-term whole-school action for the environment which operates in 68 countries around the world including almost all EU member states, Africa, South America, North America, Canada, Oceania and Asia. Green-Schools is an initiative of FEE (the Foundation for Environmental Education).

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Green-Schools making a difference in our communities

In the 2018-2019 academic year, participating schools reduced their waste to landfill by 39% year on year, diverting almost 3,000 tonnes of waste from landfill. The Green-Schools programme is based on a seven-step environmental management system and continual improvement process which is very student led and involves the wider community. Green-Schools is a themed programme with schools initially working on the themes of Litter and Waste and then moving onto themes such as Energy, Water, Travel, Biodiversity and Global Citizenship. Schools that successfully implemented the programme are awarded the Green Flag. The award must be renewed every two years to maintain Green-School status.

School Textile Collection Program

Clothes Pod is happy to assist fundraising in your school by means of a recycling event in conjunction with Green-Schools. Why not get all students and teachers involved in recycling your unwanted textiles? This allows students and teachers to bring in all their used and unwanted material into the school on a set day and help save the planet while raising needed funds for your school.
Contact us directly at and we can agree a collection plan which best suits your needs

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How we work together

Work together

Go Learn!

Check out for resources on recycling or come to one of our annual teacher training seminars.

Work together

Let's encourage!

Through education we encourage everyone to become more aware of the impacts of sending unwanted clothing to landfill.

Work together

Spread Awareness!

An important part of the Green-Schools programme is informing and involving the wider community so don’t forget to bring the message home!

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Know more about the programme

To find out more about the Green-Schools programme and what they do visit their website below.